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Vision Boards Parties & Workshops

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.  The Law of Attraction is forming Your entire life experience through your thoughts. When you visualize, thoughts are formed and you are sending a very powerful frequency out to the Universe about Your Wants, Needs and Desires.  What we focus on... expands.


Vision Boards are Powerful Creativity Collages created with images, pictures, words and affirmations of Your dreams and desires to be your personal source of daily inspiration and motivation.




You can create the "I Know Exactly What I Want " Board  

You can create the I am "Opening and Allowing " Board

You can create the "This My Theme " Board 


Workshops are safe havens where participants are guided through opening meditations and receive spiritual one on one sessions to help facilitate their personal discovery to design a vision board specifically for their needs.  


How it works... Special for you - Vision Board Party (Perfect for any event!)


Collect 4 or more resonating souls, and let's create a special time and place. Everything else is provided, you provide space and friends and 4 hours VISION BOARDS


OR... Vision Board Workshop (More in-depth workshop for like minded beings) 

Sign on to be part of a more in-depth gathering of like-minded beings on a similar quest with a 6-hour journey to that special collective consciousness that happens and moves us all forward into a  kind and loving space, with Vision Boards of our future awareness.


Price determined by location and group. Interested? Send message about thoughts and needs and availability.

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