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 Classes & Workshops

Have you ever wondered how to develop your psychic abilities? Would you like to explore and learn in a safe environment? Discover and develop your intuitive abilities in this seven-week course with me, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Alchemist. First class meets at Paradise Found, the remainder in Goleta. Please call to register. 

Class based on Spiritualist Development known as "sitting in circle". Each class starts with meditation specific to the day's lesson. Each class will require active participation of all members as we engage in psychic exercises such as: psychometry (reading inanimate objects), flower clairsentience (reading flower energy, and the person who picked it), and sending/receiving vibration and imagery, and so much more!

For classes please call Paradise Found (805) 564-3573 to register. limited to 10 students per class for individual teaching.

Stay tuned for future dates and pricing!

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