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  Spiritual & L ife Coaching

   ARE YOU...

 - Feeling Lost, Overwhelmed or Frustrated in your life?


 - Wanting to feel more balanced and peaceful every day? 

 - Experiencing a "What about me" moment? 

 - Do you want More out of life but don't know where or how to start?

 - Tired of being in physical and/or emotional pain? 

 - Looking for a Life partner? Or to improve your Relationships?

 - Needing Motivation and Inspiration?




After offering over three decades of intuitive and spiritual consultations and two decades of lectures and discussions, I wanted to offer more to my clients. My research and investigations led me to the practice of Life Coaching. I have been a Certified Professional Life Coach since 2013 and a Certified Neuro-Behavioral Coach since 2016. 

Due to the intimate nature of coaching, I do offer a complimentary 20-minute session to assure we are a good team. Click here for more information on the two coaching packages I am currently offering. All readings & coaching sessions may be done in person, through Skype or over the phone. 

    If  you are really ready for positive change and growth, I can help you achieve success         in your personal and professional life.  We will partner together and create an action

   plan and set goals designed to bring balance and positive energy to your life. 

   Coaching can help you make better decisions, clear up unresolved issues, identify your        needs and help get them met and create a strong support system. Clients also report              greater confidence, improved self-esteem and less stress after completing their coaching        package.

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Purple Flower

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Purple Flower
Purple Flower

Julie M, Entrepreneur

San Luis Obispo, CA

Donnalynne is an amazing and committed pure channel of light and divine guidance. I have had many consultations with her through the years and she is able to access higher realms and deliver powerful and comforting messages, helping me understand the bigger picture.


Faith, LMFT 

Santa Barbara, CA

There is no greater gift than being guided to connect deeper and strengthen one's own inner guide. Donnalynne has been a tremendous supporting assisting me on this path. Not only is she a gifted spiritual counselor but she is a wise intuitive who walks her walk while being very well connected to spirit and source. 


Jessica P, Account Manager

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

I have had many consultations with Doannalynne, personally and over the phone, and she always brings clarity to where there is no doubt. She is an accurate psychic that can tune into energy fields and dimensions and help us understand processes. I also love her oil blends!


Jenny, RN 

New York City, New York

Deciding to work with a Life Coach or Spiritual Counselor is a big step, requiring you to admit that you want more from your life and the space you occupy on this planet. The moment that I admitted this, I also knew that I couldn’t look back.  I had met Donnalynne on a trip to Santa Barbara 15 years ago for a family wedding. Since then we made an annual trip and I made sure, every trip, that I had an annual session of at least an hour with her.  Occasionally, during the year,  I would also call for her for a phone session and found her just as clear and supportive.

Four years ago, I had so much trauma in my personal life, I reached out to her coaching programs. Donnalynne was able to take the fear and doubt out of my personal journey. She helped direct me to new ideas and healthy challenges and gently held me accountable for my own  personal growth. This was a painful, but beautiful empowering experience. I totally endorse the work of Donnalynne.


Stacey C.

I discovered Donnalynne three years ago while at a crossroads and what turned out to be a very long transitional desert of discovery. Donnalynne genuinely and meaningfully connected to the larger arc of my story. I usually reach out to her when I find myself in a fog and spun-tight. Yes, she can can see potentials lining up ahead, but more importantly she is able to put pieces of my puzzle into perspective in a way that leads me out of the weeds, affirms my journey and puts me at ease.  Although she is a psychic intuitive, I've never referred to her as a psychic or called her for a psychic reading. She is more than that. Donnalynne is a Spiritual Mentor and Guide. She holds my path and story with wisdom and sense of history in a way that breeds continuity from one conversation to the next. I'm grateful for the sense of inter-connectedness I feel with Donnalynne. Any time I reach out, I know she will hold a broader view in connection with the information that I need in that moment to move my life forward.


Mar. Model, Actress & Professional Athlete

Ojai, CA

There is no greater gift than being guided to connect deeper and strengthen one's own inner guide. Donnalynne has been a tremendous support assisting me on this path. Not only is she a gifted spiritual counselor but she is a wise intuitive who walks her talk while being very well connected to spirit and source. 

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