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Donnalynne Shaw's Aura

Meet Donnalynne

My name is Donnalynne Shaw.  I love utilizing my gifts of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance to offer insight, imagery, intuitive guidance, and inspiration to my clients. I am passionate about creating pathways that lead to physical and emotional health as well as spiritual and personal growth to promote everyday wellness. I believe that all humans benefit from being in balance-body, mind, and spirit. 

My spiritual teaching began when I was quite young at the Spiritualist encampment of Lilydale, NY. Spiritualism is a Religion, Philosophy, and Science in one. We believe in natural law and the attributes of unconditional love. All rules and laws encompass two tenets - You get back what you give out, and you will attract those persons and conditions to you who fit into the personality you show forth. Living in love and light is our main goal in life and we attempt to share this.

Over the years I have studied at Star Spiritualist College, the International Spiritualist Federation-College of Spiritual Knowledge with Lionel Owen, Mavis Pittilla, and Robert Brown. The late British medium and healer, Rev. George Daisley was my mentor. I was blessed to live on his Montecito property for over two years.

I have been a board member of the National Association of Spiritualist Churches, both in New England and California. I became a certified member of The Church of the Comforter by the late Dr.Rev. Sandra Cook.

I'm happy to help you create a life that you love, achieve your personal goals, and implement your vision successfully. I am a level 3 Reiki Practitioner. I have worked as a patient advocate, peer counselor, image therapist, spiritual counselor, and life coach for over 35 years.

Outside of my passion for supporting the well-being of my clients, I find balance by being creative, both as an artist and a "foodie".

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