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Aura Readings

Discover the Color of your Aura! 

Aura Imaging and Analysis to enhance your well-being and expand your consciousness.

What color is your Aura?  Everything has an Aura. In metaphysics, the term, Aura, refers to the energy field emanating from the surface of a person, animal, plant, or object. Auras vibrate to different colors, sounds, and light frequencies.

The color spectrum will vary with one’s emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual states. These Aura energies are linked to the vibration of color, the chakra system, and musical tones/notes, as they all resonate to the same frequency. 

Auras change according to a person’s mood, stability, and environment. 

In Aura Readings, I will draw the shape of your aura and show the color(s). We will discuss the meanings of the colors and, if need be, possible remedies to utilize to enhance your well-being. 


    A number of years ago we were invited to a private party where Donnalynne was doing aura readings. I had never met her prior to this night and had NO idea what to expect. My husband challenged me, saying that he would have his read if I had mine read. Playful game on, after hearing comments from other guests on how accurate her information was! My husband went first and was beaming when he appeared a short while later. She was able to accurately say he was a very caring person with strong leadership skills, a compassionate healer and believed in playful ways for transformation. He is a Art Therapist working with troubled at risk youth! I am sure that I too was glowing when I came out of the session. She told me that I was most often cheerful, open to new ideas, and generally optimistic and paid attention to details. I am a Kindergarten teacher!

    Amazing experience for both of us and so rewarding.

    Kate & Bob B., Teacher & Therapist
    Santa Monica, CA

    Fernando H, Event Planner 
    Pasadena, CA

    I have seen Donnalynne professionally for about 12 years, whenever I find myself in SB. She is incredibly inciteful and gifted in sorting out my cluttered, noisy mind. On a recent visit, she seemed to know that I was unhappy with my job and lifestyle DUE TO MY AURA! She explained that I had this incredibly beautiful magenta colour, with some orange, as well. She explained that I kept trying to separate the blue and red of the magenta, explaining how that could be causing problems. It all made sense, I wasn’t living my truth selling insurance in my Dads company. I found a exciting new creative career in party and event planning. I LOVE IT. I am so grateful for her direct approach and guidance.


    Gail P, RN
    Arroyo Grande, CA

    I never really knew about auras until Donnalynne made a comment about my wanting to "do more" with my nursing skills. Wow! So true! I asked how she knew (this was our 1st meeting) she said I had this red in my auric field and some orange to fuel my growth... She suggested a "remedy" and told me to bring more blue into my life; clothes, food, and whatever. I decided to give it a try. Four months later, I was promoted to Head Nurse of the NICU unit. I don't think it's a coincidence, the only thing that changed was my "color" awareness!

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